The Well

Artesian water well systems start with the well, which is a borehole we drill into bedrock to reach underground water sources.

Western Maine Water arrives at your home with a water well drilling rig and a flatbed tank truck filled with water. The water well drilling rig has a tall derrick, which we raise, and then begin drilling an eight inch borehole through the upper layers of soil and gravel until we reach hard bedrock. We then set six inch inner diameter steel casing into this hole to keep it stable and open. Imagine digging a deep, narrow hole. Without something holding it open, the well would want to fill in upon itself.
        Next, we drill a six inch borehole down through the layers of bedrock until we reach an underground source of water. This section of the well does not require steel casing beause we are drilling right th
rough the solid rock. The digaram below should help you visualize how the casing extends into the rock:

       (Example cross section of a drilled well)                          (Example diagram of groundwater storage)

Water does not flow through bedrock like a wide underground river. Here in New England, we are very lucky. Water is present in various quantities in most, but not all, places, unlike some of the drier more arid portions of the country. It is found in pores, fractures and fissures in the bedrock, which run together. It may also be found in between the sand and gravel above the bedrock, however we generally drill to bedrock. We tap into the system of fissures, and allow your water to be accessed from the surface through your water well. Both diagrams above may help you to understand and visualize how groundwater is stored underground.

We proudly own and run a state of the art Schramm 555 water well drilling rig!    

Water well drilling is a complex, technical process. Make sure your contractor is a licensed professional. Western Maine Water and their technicians are licensed and insured professionals in the states of Maine and New Hampshire!
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