The Pump System

Once the well is complete, our trained technicians return to install your water pump system.

Pump systems include a submersible well pump, a pitless, a pressure tank, and a pressure guage.

The submersible pump is lowered down the well on plastic pipe. A trench is dug from the well to your home. We do not dig trenches, but we may be able to arrange for your trench to be dug by a local excavator. In the ditch, below the frost line, is a brass fitting called a pitless, which connects this pipe in your well with a second pipe that leads to your home. Upon completion the ditch is filled in, and the pitless and second pipe are both buried under ground to prevent freezing during the winter. Once in your home, the second pipe leads to a pressure tank, which connects to your home's plumbing. There is also a 220 volt electrical connection that is made from the motor of the pump, to a pressure gauge attached to your tank, and then to your home's electrical breaker box with copper wire. This pressure gauge tells the water well pump when you have turned a faucet on in your home and need it to pump water, and provides it with electricity.

The following illustration should help you visualize the underground elements of the well and pumping system. However, Western Maine Water uses 6" casing, and either 1" or 1 1/4" plastic pipe.

Some pump systems are constant pressure pump systems, which  uses a high pressure pump and a computer box instead of a pressure gauge. This allows you to have consistent pressure from your house at all times, and may be required by your town for fire suppression systems if your home is in a densely populated area or development.

We install products by these and other top quality manufacturers:

We are a Grundfos Water Pro level dealers, and authorized key dealers of Franklin Electric products.
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