Is your well low producing? Or has it run dry? Western Maine Water can help with a procedure called hydrofracture.

Also known as fracking or a hydrofrac, hydrofracture is an alternative to deepening or replacing a well. We arrive at your home with a specially designed truck, and remove your pump from the well with a hydraulic crane and rotating drum. We then lower an inflatable packer into your well, and blow it up like a large, very tough Kevlar balloon. This creates a seal so that no fluid may pass up the well's borehole to the surface. Next we force highly pressurized water below the packer into your well borehole. This pressure forces open new cracks in the underground geological formations and enlarges small cracks. This allows more water, or water from other underground locations to flow into your well's borehole, which results in you having access to more water! For more information about how groundwater works, please refer to The Pump System.

Hydrofracture is not a guaranteed process, however we are skilled and experienced technicians, and have a very high rate of success!
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